I kid that I have a “disease”: I take too long and I’m too thorough.

What sort of treatment do I provide?

I take the time I think patients need to receive comprehensive care, typically 2-4 times longer than most other physicians spend in a visit. I believe passionately that an adequate visit is essential to arriving at the correct diagnosis and treatment, counseling, and in tailoring treatment to the unique needs of each individual. Many of my patients believe I’m the first physician who has truly listened to them.

For patients with problems with drugs or alcohol, I’ve been practicing addiction medicine since 1988 and believe this depth of experience provides a considerable head start in your recovery. I will provide a detailed assessment, perform outpatient detox, and refer you to any specialists or other treatments you may need. I prescribe Suboxone, Zubsolv, and other brands of buprenorphine and naloxone for many patients addicted to opiates. As an alternative, I also provide monthly Vivitrol (naltrexone) injections. Vivitrol is useful in opiate addiction and may also be helpful in alcoholism.

Patients with chronic pain require a highly detailed and specific approach to their care. I don’t do injections or other procedures but instead try to understand all of the factors that contribute to causing and maintaining your pain. I’m an expert in medication management and helping people with medication use issues. Often the crucial question is why haven’t you gotten better? Understanding how you are different from any other patient with chronic pain is critical. I believe I do especially well with patients no one else knows how to treat.

The only downside to spending the time patients need is that it costs more than rushing people out the door. That’s why I’m “out of network” for medical insurance. I don’t bill insurance directly but will assist you in obtaining the maximum possible reimbursement.

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