The articles listed here include health information brochures I’ve written for patients I’ve seen in my office. I may give someone one of these handouts after we’ve discussed a problem, to help them remember what we said and as a handy reference. Topics like depression are complicated, so you may need time to digest what we’ve discussed. Sometimes it’s helpful to have something you can show your sister or your uncle.

I don’t intend the information presented here to cover every possible aspect of the problem, but as an overview of what’s going on and what to expect. Other handouts discuss how to use the medications I recommend for this problem. Rather than provide a complete list of every possible side effect, I’ve tried to present a balanced view of the benefits and potential problems people encounter most often. (Similarly, you won’t find prescribing information like which medication to use when, when not to use it, or drug-drug interactions.)

Depression is one of the most common problems seen in medicine. Do you suffer from the illness of depression? Here’s my answer to that question, and next I go into great detail about antidepressant medications.

Moreover, I’m intensely interested in how one heals emotionally. But as a specialist in internal medicine, I don’t consider myself a psychotherapist, but rather a coach or guide. Here I present a guidebook of sorts. How does one heal painful emotion? How do you know when you’re still progressing down the right path to your own recovery?