Certain topics come up time and again: “Doctor! I can’t afford to be sick now! You’ve got to get rid of this cold!” Patients like to have it written down or something to show their family. Here are health information brochures I wrote for patients seen in my office. Though I’m no longer practicing internal medicine, these discussions continue to be useful.

The information presented here isn’t for every possible aspect of the problem, but an overview of what’s going on and what to expect. Sometimes I’ll suggest what you can do at home. Other handouts discuss how to use the medications recommended for this problem. Rather than provide a complete list of every possible side effect, I’ve tried to present a balanced view of the benefits and potential problems people encounter most often. (Similarly, you won’t find prescribing information like which medication to use when, when not to use it, or drug-drug interactions.)

You’ll find topics on depression, antidepressant medications, and emotional healing on a separate page.

Here’s the list: